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Pediatric Dentistry

No matter your age, caring for your teeth should be an essential part of your routine. The compassionate team at Gables Family Dental in Miami and Coral Gables, Florida, can help you start your child’s dental care early with pediatric dentistry services. For patient and thoughtful kid-friendly dental care, call Gables Family Dental, or request an appointment online today.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is the category of dentistry that centers around babies, children, and adolescents. At Gables Family Dental, the kid-friendly team welcomes children of all ages and their families to make pediatric dentistry a part of their health care routine. 

Over the years, your child can get to know the team of dentists and providers that cares for them at routine and specialty appointments. Bringing your child in for regular pediatric dentistry appointments familiarizes them with the experience and encourages them to practice oral care at home. 

What procedures does pediatric dentistry include?

Pediatric dentistry is similar to adult dentistry, but it includes a few extra components and considerations. For example, children have a full set of baby teeth that they lose by the time they turn 12. After that, adult teeth start growing in. This is a unique component that pediatric dentists must consider during care. 

Some pediatric dental procedures that your child may need include:


Sealants are thin covers for your child’s teeth that help prevent bacteria from settling into the crevices. You can get them at any age, but it’s better to get them earlier in life. Kids don’t always practice perfect brushing habits, so sealants act as an extra barrier against cavities. 


If your child gets a cavity, the team at Gables Family Dental fills it just like they do with yours. Fillings can be tooth-colored or metal, and your dentist places them after removing the diseased and decayed parts of the tooth. They can also fix teeth that are cracked or broken. 

Routine exams and cleanings

Just like you, your child needs their teeth cleaned and examined regularly. The exam appointments are an opportunity for your dentist to identify complications early and fix them if necessary. They can also teach your child proper home brushing and flossing habits.

How often should my child come in for pediatric dental appointments?

Your child’s first pediatric dentistry appointment should happen around the time that they get their first baby tooth. Generally, you should bring them in for appointments once every six months after that. However, if your child is at risk of oral health issues or has them already, the team at Gables Family Dental might suggest more frequent routine visits. 

To find out more about pediatric dentistry and bring your child in for a cleaning and exam, call Gables Family Dental or request an appointment online today.